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Kno™ for Schools—Insight

Kno™ for Schools—Insight

Kno™ for Schools—Insight is a data-driven solution that can improve pedagogical effectiveness through data visualization. Student data, displayed as targeted graphs, link student grades to actual engagement with their digital content, such as digital textbooks. As a result, low-performing, at-risk students can be identified much earlier, and appropriate measures can be taken to improve learning outcomes.

Features and Benefits
Understand students’ engagement with content: Understand engagement through K-Score*, a proprietary algorithm that captures over 30 unique interactive events of a student’s engagement with their digital content. Such events are intelligently weighed to provide a single, easy-to-understand score, which reflects a student’s overall engagement.

Link engagements to grades: Intuitively relate students’ grades to their engagement with digital content in a single view.

Identify low-performing, at-risk students: Identify at-risk students early in the semester, and implement appropriate intervention strategies by diagnosing their learning behavior using various time and chapter-based metrics.

Facilitate parent-teacher connections: Support meaningful conversations with parents using objective data and collaborate with them to help their child improve.

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