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Intel® Education Software—Kno™ App Brief

Intel® Education Software—Kno™ App Brief

The Kno™ app is an innovative mobile education application that provides students with rich digital content and learning experiences. The Kno app enhances both instructional and learning experiences by bringing content to life with interactive features such as highlights, notes, search, and multimedia links. Kno’s deep relationships with publishers provide access to a large catalog of digital materials through the Kno app, which is available on a wide variety of devices and platforms, including iOS*, Android*, Windows* 7 and 8, and web browsers.

Engaging Features
Access rich and smart content: Working with publishers, the Kno app delivers digital textbooks enhanced with instructional videos, web links, and interactive modules in the form of Smart Links—all within book context. In addition, users can create their own Smart Links to enhance or supplement their digital content.

Collect all notes into one linked document: The My Journal feature works as a personal study guide that aggregates all notes into one linked document, making the review process efficient and productive.

Find answers in seconds: Advanced search enables students to search through their texts, notes, and highlights within one book or across all of their digital content, saving countless hours of flipping through pages.

Synchronize work across multiple platforms: Kno saves and synchronizes students’ digital materials and work products, such as notes and highlights, to the cloud, enabling a seamless experience across school devices, personal tablets, and library computers.

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