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Intel® Education Software: Kno™ for Schools Product Brief

Intel® Education Software: Kno™ for Schools Product Brief

Kno™ for Schools provides districts and schools with a turnkey solution to streamline the experience of digital education from content distribution to user management, utilizing Kno’s powerful cloud services and multi-platform content application. Advantages of Kno for Schools include significant savings in management efforts, self-sufficient technical support, cloud-enabled backup and sync, and Kno’s extensive digital content catalog, which includes eTextbooks from leading publishers like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and, in the future, content produced by schools and teachers.

Features and Benefits
Readily available organizational and user data:
Access real-time enrollment data enabled by Kno’s easy integration with the schools’ student information system, a FERPA-compliant solution.

Cloud-enabled backup and sync:
Kno’s powerful cloud infrastructure provides worry-free data backup as well as cross-device synchronization.

Self-Sufficient tech support:
Add users, reinstall books, and reset passwords in seconds directly from the cloud.

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