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Intel® Education Content Access Point

A device that stores, manages and connects students and teachers to digital content.

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Open a World of Reliable Connectivity

Taking the classroom digital is now easier than ever. Intel® Education Content Access Point is transforming the way students and teachers can get access to digital content.

It combines the benefits of an Internet access point and a stand-alone content server in one device, created specifically for educators, students and IT administrators.

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As an Internet Access Point

  • Low or No Connectivity
    No problem. The device can be used stand-alone, serving content to students and teachers without any connection to the Internet.
  • Wired or Wireless
    Plug in the classroom LAN cable or connect to the school’s WiFi and connect up to 50 students1 to the Internet and to the content stored on the device.
  • Portable Hot Spot
    The device includes 3G/LTE support for teachers interested in using the device as a portable hot spot. 
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As a Content Server:

  • Digital content and curriculum can be pre-loaded onto the device by the school system.
  • Teachers can easily upload their own content and organize it into lessons for quick access to relevant materials for the entire class.
  • Up to 50 students can access and download content from the device simultaneously, saving time in the classroom.
  • There is no special software required. Just launch a web browser to access the content and to upload new content to the device.
  • Provides up to 500 GB of storage.
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Power When You Need It

  • Built-in battery keeps everyone connected
  • The device includes a battery life of  up to 5 hours of continuous use2 without a power source
  • Teachers can take the class outside or work straight through the next power outage.

No More Excuses

The Intel Education Content Access Point makes access to digital content easier than ever and it solves the challenge of low or no connectivity.

It’s lightweight, portable and can easily be mounted to the wall with included hardware.

No matter what kind of Internet access you have, this device lets you take students to new levels of learning.

Internet Access

Whether you have low or even no connectivity to the Internet, the device lets you connect up to 50 students1 to the content simultaneously. 


Pre-loaded Content

Content is pre-loaded allowing students and teacher access to connect quickly and easily. Teachers can also create and upload their own lesson plans.

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Flexible Connectivity

The device offers multiple connection options and includes a battery providing up to 5 hours of continuous use2

Engage students. Empower educators


Intel® technology is the investment that evolves with you.

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Product and Performance Information


1. Performance testing conducted by Allion USA, LLC.

2. Battery life testing conducted by GemTek. Battery life will vary and the maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage.