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AirWatch* Helps Transform Lebanese Education with Mobile Learning

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AirWatch Helps Transform Lebanese Education with Mobile Learning

The proliferation of mobile devices and tablets is transforming classroom learning. As traditional paper textbooks are replaced with digital books on tablets, students are reaping the benefits of having continuous access to the latest information. More than 20,000 educational applications are available to help students with everything from learning vocabulary words to understanding the anatomy of the human brain.

Open Your Tomorrow is an initiative launched by the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, to regenerate the country by enabling youth. The initiative gives students access to the quality education they deserve and generates economic opportunities that benefit Lebanese citizens.

Through the initiative, Lebanese students ages 6 to 18 will receive 3G-enabled tablets for educational and recreational purposes at a subsidized fee. The Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications funded the project by sourcing 15,000 tablets that were custom designed by Intel and equipped with parental controls and AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management* (EMM). An additional 1,500 tablets will be given to grade 10 public school students at no charge, as part of a pilot program for integrating classroom technology.

The Ministry of Education’s goal is to deploy an additional 400,000 tablets in Lebanese schools within the next two years, and inspire content publishers and application developers to produce educational materials that can be certified and approved for academic purposes.

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