Intel® Education 2 in 1 and Notebook

Flexible Designs for Versatile Learning

The Intel® Education 2 in 1 and Notebook reference designs provide productivity in modern rugged designs that enable students to get the most from technology.

Perfect for students who need thin, portable devices that are packed with productivity, but can also withstand bumps and accidental drops.

A modern design easily scales to older students, with a larger display and keyboard than the previous generation Intel® classmate PC. Students can better create, engage and connect using sophisticated tools like a thin-tip stylus and HD rotatable camera. With a single platform supporting both the 2 in 1 and Notebook designs, the 2 in 1 has a 360 degree hinge that lets the device go from notebook to tablet in tent or presentation mode. The Notebook offers an entry level non-touch option.

Product Brief:

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Product and Performance Information


Drop Test configuration: 70cm drop on concrete floor. Testing was 5 faces, 4 corners with lid open to 360 degrees; 6 faces, 4 corners with lid closed. IP testing conducted according to IEC 60529 (International Electrotechnical Commission.) Water-resistance testing conducted with 100cc of water on both the touch panel (with lid open to 360 degrees) and keyboard. Drop, IP, and water-resistance testing conducted by Intel.


Battery life for the notebook design is up to 7 hours. Battery life for 2 in 1 design is up to 6.5 hours. Battery life is based on TabletMark* v3 11.6" LCD. Actual battery life may vary based on battery size, product settings, usage patterns, and environmental conditions. Testing conducted by Intel.