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Our Vision for Education

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For people all over the world, education is the springboard to a better future. A quality education offers greater social and economic opportunities. Intel is committed to transforming the lives of millions by providing the tools and resources necessary to bring 21st century learning into each and every classroom.

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Featured Resource: Intel® Galileo Development Board

The Intel® Galileo development board opens the door for students’ imaginative innovations. It’s the first product in a new family of Arduino*-compatible development boards featuring Intel® architecture. What will you make?

Global Learning

Intel Education Transformation >
A systemic approach to help countries increase student competitiveness, build job skills, and
support social and economic growth.
Intel Programs for Girls and Women >
Education programs, afterschool learning, and
technology access to help girls and women
Intel® Higher Education Program >
Brings cutting-edge technology expertise to universities, and helps move technology out of the lab into local communities.
Intel K–12 Education >
Free professional development, tools, and resources to help K–12 educators effectively engage students with technology.
Intel Teachers Engage community >
A global online community for educators to share strategies, best practices, and more.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) resources >
Intel offers a wide range of curriculum, competitions, and online resources designed to encourage students’ interest and participation in STEM subject areas.
The Maker Faire
Intel is a proud supporter of Maker Faire—a celebration of creativity and invention. It’s a place for people who love to build and aspire to change the way we think and interact with the world around us.


Teaching and Learning Resources


Digital Empowerment

Intel Computer Clubhouse network >
An international network of safe after-school “Clubhouses” that let teens use professional technology to create their own projects.
Intel® Education Help Guide >
A set of hundreds of easy-to-use step-by-step activities that help build students’ productivity software skills.
Intel® Learn Program >
A program that extends learning opportunities beyond the classroom using an engaging, project-centered approach.


Intel® Learn Easy Steps >
A program that helps adult learners develop their social and economic self-sufficiency through digital literacy.
Intel® PC Basics Software >
Free educational software for users of Intel®-based PCs that increases users’ ICT literacy and helps them acquire 21st century skills.


Intel® Education Mobile Learning >
Content and resources that support the potential
of mobile learning to transform learning.
Intel’s free online K–12 resources >
Free tools and resources developed by educators
to support 21st century classroom learning with project-based approaches.
Intel® Math Program (U.S.) >
An 80-hour professional development course in core mathematics concepts for K–8 teachers.
Intel® Teach Elements >
Free eLearning courses focused on 21st century learning themes, such as assessment, thinking critically with data, leadership, and collaboration.
Intel® Teach Program – U.S. >
Free professional development for K–12 teachers
to engage students with digital learning and the skills they need for future success.
Intel® Teach Program – Worldwide >
With more than 10 million teachers trained in 70 countries, Intel® Teach is the largest, most successful program of its kind.

Intel® Teach Program – Worldwide >

With more than 10 million teachers trained in 70 countries, Intel® Teach is the largest, most successful program of its kind.

Intel Teachers Engage community >

Join other educators in an online community dedicated to transforming the K–12 classroom.
Intel Teachers Engage webinars >
Free webinars focus on effective use of technology in education.
Mobile scenarios for K–12 education app >
Read stories that span grade levels and subjects for inspiration on how to integrate new technologies into your classroom.
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) resources >
Intel offers a wide range of curriculum, competitions, and online resources designed to encourage students’ interest and participation in STEM subject areas.




Science competitions

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair >
A competition that attracts over 1,500 high school students from 65 countries competing for over $4 million in awards each year.
Intel ISEF Educator Academy >
A select group of educators and government officials from around the world explore proven, innovative methods of engaging students in the study of science and math.


Intel Science Talent Search (U.S. program) >
The nation’s most prestigious science research competition for high school seniors.
Make It Wearable Challenge
Individuals, teams, and organizations are invited to submit a wide range of wearable product ideas in seven categories.

Higher Education

Intel® Higher Education Program >
Opportunities for research grants, technology entrepreneurship forums and competitions, and mentoring by Intel technologists.
An open competition to design, build, and demonstrate inventions in embedded design.
Intel Cup embedded system design contest >
An international contest that challenges undergraduates to design a working system
based on an assigned Intel® embedded platform.
Graduate fellowship support >
Three graduate fellowships available to
outstanding students in engineering,
computer science, and other technical majors.
Higher education entrepreneurship >
Programs designed to help move technology
out of research labs and into local communities.
Intel® Global Challenge at UC Berkeley >
Our search for entrepreneurial teams that will positively impact society through their
technological innovations and skills.
Higher education entrepreneurship—Intel® Youth Enterprise Program >
Developing students’ innovation skills as they work to solve real global challenges in their communities.


Intel® Embedded University Program >
Supports universities around the world in Intel® embedded-based systems in curriculum development, student contests, and research.
Intel innovation contests >
A competition where students use Intel® technology to create innovative solutions that address social and technical challenges.
Intel student research contest >
A series of contests designed to inspire and support science and engineering students in China, Mexico, India, and Taiwan.
Technology curricula >
Intel is bridging the technology gap by accelerating the development of leading-edge technology curriculum modules, and creating a place where academia can collaborate and access new technology resources.
Intel® Galileo for Universities
Intel is donating 50,000 Arduino*-compatible development boards featuring Intel® architecture to 1,000 universities around the world over the next 18 months.




Technology Solutions

Intel® Education Solutions >
Transform the classroom for the 21st century.
Education IT Resources and Tools >
Find key information, guides, discussions on a number of important topics, and real-world examples to transform education.


Solutions Showcase >
Explore hardware, software, and professional development for education from Intel and our partners.
Software Suite >
View customized applications for learning, classroom, and IT management.


Intel® Education: Program evaluation >
At Intel, we're dedicated to rigorous, independent program evaluation. Learn more about our research methodologies and how we approach our evaluations.
University undergraduate research >
K–12 Blueprint (results) >
Research results from state initiatives aimed at bringing one-to-one computing to students statewide.
Research with Intel Labs >
Intel researchers around the world work at universities, in labs, and in the field to create technology to improve every part of life.
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