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Working Together

Working Together

It's a Wild Ride was developed from a unit that Theresa Maves had done in her physical science classes for two years. She originally designed it as a two-week culminating project for a unit on Newton's Laws of Motion. During a summer institute in 1999, her academic teaching team expanded it as an interdisciplinary unit across mathematics, language arts, and social studies. The team incorporated it under a year-long theme of Community. They scheduled the unit for the end of the year, presenting it as an aspect of community they called "Beyond the Basics"—a study of what society has developed for pleasure and recreation once basic needs are met. Working Together describes the different ways in which teachers and students work collaboratively to meet the goals of the project.

Scheduling Project Work >
Describes how the project schedule results from a partnership between science, math, social studies, and language arts classes. A detailed calendar shows how project work is completed in each class.

Staying Organized >
Organization is crucial for It’s a Wild Ride to be successful. Learn about the tools that keep students on-track throughout the project.

Working on Jobs >
Students work in collaborative teams to complete the group project. See what it is like on the job site and view sample work from students’ design projects.

Quote to Note

"Planning for student group work is something that needs to be carefully thought out. We wanted a unit that reinvented the group process, where the students recognize the difference between groups that have created synergy and regular group work. Students need to experience this distinct difference."

Theresa Maves