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Final Work and Grading


Final Work and Grading

Scoring Student Work
The teachers developed a variety of scoring guides designed to assess both individual and group work, and used them liberally throughout the project.

When it came to the final group presentations, the three teachers watched the presentations and made notes. But they found that the presentations went too quickly and were difficult to grade while students presented in class. Consequently, they decided to grade the projects together, without students present. Theresa describes the process they used.

Student Work: The Roller Coaster Design Team Proposals
Each final presentation by design teams was led by the public relations director. The entire team had to contribute specific points during the presentation. Most teams used PowerPoint for their multimedia presentation, although a few built websites or created videos. Four different team proposals are below. The teacher narrative describes the performance of each team member on his or her task.

Group Two: The Regurgitator

This group, two boys and two girls, were helped along by their public relations director who worked hard and pulled things together.

Group Three: The Black Diamond

This group's public relations director chose to build a Web page to support the presentation by explaining the theme and features of the ride. The architect's poster also reflected the creativity of this group.

Group Four: The History of Roller Coasters

This group's engineer and architect brought out the best in each other.

Group Six: The Amazon


This group, with the same balance in gender, had a similar need as many of the groups--more time for the architect and engineer to coordinate their tasks.

Final Work and Grading