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The It’s a Wild Ride project uses many types of assessments to evaluate student progress. A single type of assessment does not match the multi-dimensional nature of the project or the level of student learning.  Assessment of prior knowledge conducted at or near the beginning of a project provides early feedback to teachers and permit adjustments to the unit according to the students’ needs.  Regular self-assessment ensures that students take an active role in their learning.  The boundaries between curriculum, instruction, and assessment blur and add rigor to the project.

Project Objectives and Standards >
Standards are essential for defining curriculum priorities without constraining classroom methods and teaching styles.  See how standards are applied to the project.

Multiple Types of Assessments >
View the variety of assessments  throughout the project.

Final Work and Grading >
All of the students’ learning comes together for the final presentation.  View student samples of final projects and get a glimpse into the final grading process.

Quote to Note

"In our view assessment is an ongoing process and an integral part of the unit from the very beginning. Developing a rubric to guide our assessments creates a more authentic environment." —Theresa Maves