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Developing a Project

Let's explore how a middle school social studies classroom might use the Visual Ranking Tool to consider the impact of invention on improving human lives. The students are studying the Industrial Revolution and have read about the contributions of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

The teacher wants students to engage in thinking about the meaning of progress and improvement in human endeavor. She wants to get the students talking about what they know and understand about progress. She begins the activity with higher-level discussion questions:

  • What is progress?
  • What are the benefits and costs of what we create?
  • Does progress create better health? Faster processes? More leisure? More happiness?

Following the discussion, students brainstorm a large list of inventions. The teacher guides them in consolidating the list to a manageable size of 8-10 items. Then she sets up a Visual Ranking project in the Teacher Workspace.



Next, the teacher adds images to the project.