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Try the Tool

Try the Tool

Learning the Tool

The Visual Ranking Tool is easy to use. There are two ways to learn about the tool and its features: a demonstration workspace for practicing with the tool and a tutorial that takes you through the main features.


Demo >
For a first-time experience with the tool and its features, start with the Demo. It has a list of inventions, with images, ready for you to rank in order of how they have improved people's lives. Simply click and drag an invention in the list and drop it into any position in the order. To explain your reasoning for an item's position, double-click on that item and add (or revise) comments in the box that appears. To compare your list with those made by other groups, click on the compare button and select a group. You'll see a visual display of the match between two lists and a correlation coefficient between two rankings. You can review the comments of any group by moving the cursor over the white icon in the upper right corner of an item. Use the show report feature to display a page showing your list and all comments about the rankings.

Tutorial >
A five step introduction to the Visual Ranking Tool is outlined in the illustrated tutorial. You'll learn how to:

  1. Set up a new project
  2. Add images
  3. Rank items in a list
  4. Compare lists
  5. Assess results

You will also learn more about the Visual Ranking App for mobile devices.


Try the Tool

Visual Ranking Tutorial

Download a step-by-step guide that shows the key features of the tool.

View Tutorial >

Need Additional Help?

Use the Intel® Education Help Guide for instructions on using the Visual Ranking Tool.