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Try the Tool

Try the Tool

Learning the Tool

The Showing Evidence Tool has several features you’ll want to explore before creating your own projects. You can explore two different demonstration workspaces where you can practice with the tool. An illustrated tutorial that shows you how the main features of the tool are used in an classroom project.


Each demo allows you to practice building a argument using an existing case. You can create new evidence or claims, attach evidence to a claim, and justify your reasons. Simply click and drag a piece of evidence and drop it into the supporting (green) or opposing (red) areas of a claim. You can review the comments left by the teacher by moving the cursor over an orange triangle at the upper right corner of an item. Use the Show Report button to display a page detailing your evidence and claims.  

  • Elementary Demo: This example uses the simplified version of tool and explores an ethical question:  Is being bad for a good reason ever OK?     
  • Secondary Demo: This example examines the possible causes of a mysterious illness, using the standard version of the tool.


Tutorial >
This illustrated tutorial includes a six-step introduction to Showing Evidence. Learn how to: 1. Develop a project, 2. Create and rate a piece of evidence, 3. Create a claim, 4. Link evidence to a claim and rate its support, 5. Evaluate a Claim, and 6. Assess results using the show report and teacher/team comment feature.

Try the Tool

Animated Overview

View a short animation that shows key features of the tool.

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Need Help?

Use the Intel® Education Help Guide for instructions on using Showing Evidence Tool.