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Project Examples

Project Examples

Examples to Get You Started

Look to your colleagues for ideas on using Showing Evidence Tool in the classroom. Take advantage of the experiences of other teachers in eight detailed unit plans that provide usable handouts and student work samples. Or, just browse through several shorter project descriptions for project ideas that match your context.

Unit Plans >
Detailed unit plans across grade levels and subjects will give you a complete project ready to implement as-is or adapt for your classroom.

Project Ideas >
Eight different project ideas offer plenty of options to get you planning a project of your own.

Easy Project Set Up

The Thinking Tools now come with a time-saving feature to help you set up a project for students in your Teacher Workspace.  The project wizard allows you to duplicate a project from the any existing project ideas and also automates some of the steps in creating a new project.  You can use links within each project example or the project set-up page to activate the wizard.