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Instructional Strategies

Instructional Strategies

The Showing Evidence Tool can be used for any project that requires an in-depth look at a complex issue or controversial topic. Students can use Showing Evidence to construct and evaluate a hypothesis, argument, or assumption at any stage of a learning project. It’s most helpful when students use the tool to help build upon their knowledge and move to develop a better understanding of all sides of an issue or idea.

Planning a Project >
See suggestions for planning successful projects using the Showing Evidence Tool.

Setting Up the Workspace >
Learn about building the project in the workspace and how to set up student teams.

Introducing the Project >
View strategies to get students started with the tool.

Clarifying Expectations >
Review strategies to help students build effective arguments using the structure of the tool.

Assessing Project Work >
Plan for assessment opportunities throughout the project.

Assessing Arguments >
Help students build skill in distinguishing strong and weak arguments.

Assessing Thinking >
Use a rubric to define well-reasoned arguments.