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Showing Evidence Tool

Analyzing and Evaluating Information

Anyone can have an opinion, but backing it up with well-articulated evidence requires careful thinking. The Showing Evidence Tool helps students learn how to construct well-reasoned arguments and prove their case with credible evidence. The tool provides a visual framework to make claims, identify evidence, evaluate the quality of that evidence, explain how the evidence supports or weakens claims, and reach conclusions based on the evidence. This thinking tool supports activities where students debate differences, make and defend decisions, and analyze conflicting information. The tool and related resources are available for free, from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Students may work on their claims and evidence at home or at school, and can be paired with another team to review their ideas.

Overview and Benefits

Overview and Benefits ›
Learn more about the features of the Showing Evidence resource. Read what the research literature says about the learning opportunities in creating and defending well-researched arguments.

Try the Tool

Try the Tool ›
See how easy it is to use the tool. Follow a tutorial that helps get you started with using the tool in the classroom.

Project Examples

Project Examples ›
Get project ideas from other teachers who have used Showing Evidence in the classroom. Learn how the tool promotes lively discussions as students evaluate evidence and debate their positions. Browse short project ideas or longer, detailed unit plans.

Instructional Strategies

Instructional Strategies ›
Learn effective strategies from teachers who have used the tool. Find ideas for planning a project, using the tool in an activity, and assessing what students have learned.

Showing Evidence Tool

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