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List Factors

List Factors

Identifying Initial Factors

Working in teams at the computer, (teams of two work best for most problems), the students discuss and create the factors (or variables) that can cause traffic jams. They are using experience and intuition, drawing upon prior knowledge.

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List Factors diagram


Students create factors on a map. They title the factor and describe it. A good description includes information on how to measure the factor or what evidence would indicate that an event has occurred. For example, the factor "number of cars" would have a description defining number of cars passing per minute.

List Factors2 diagram

Initially there aren't too many rules on what constitutes a factor, since there might be some interesting and unexpected thinking going on. This is where the teacher can really benefit from this "visible thinking". The teacher talks with the teams and asks probing questions such as:

  • What do you mean by "weather"? Is sunny weather the same as rainy weather?
  • How long does a car have to be stopped to be called a "stalled car"?
  • Is there a reason that three of the factors are green?
  • Does the position of the factors mean anything on your map?

Students' answers to these questions often belong in the descriptions of the factors.