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Project Ideas

Project Ideas

These project examples, developed by teachers, use the Seeing Reason Tool to promote critical thinking and spark classroom discussions.

Habitat Conflict: How can we all live together?
Grade 5-7, Science
Students study the conflicting needs of humans and animals when habitats overlap. They research the habitat conflict between bears and humans and use the Seeing Reason Tool to analyze the issue, then summarize their conclusions, and write a recommendation for ensuring the health of the species.

Neighborhood Diversity: Why do things change?
Grade 8-12, American History
Students will be engaged in the process of understanding how ethnic and racial neighborhoods were created in their city. Students will also understand how neighborhood composition changed over time in response to changing economic, political, and social factors.  Students will use research to create a website about their city.

Why Math?: What processes do you use to make important decisions?
Grade 9-10, Math
In this math unit, students analyze the processes used in making important decisions that affect their future--specifically, analyzing the benefits of taking more math classes in high school.  Students use the Seeing Reason Tool to create a map that represents research and data to support their own answer to the question, What processes do you use to make important decisions?

Richard III: How has our world been impacted by abuse of power?
Grade 12, English
While reading William Shakespeare's play Richard III, students analyze the protagonist and the causes of his downfall. They use the Seeing Reason Tool to analyze the question, How does the world Richard creates contribute to his own dissatisfaction and eventual demise? The map helps to generate discussion before writing a character analysis of Richard III.