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Technology and Society

Instructional Strategies

Technology and Society

Unit Summary

The Technology and Society unit can be used alone or as the final unit in a customized lesson plan using some or all of the units of The Journey InsideSM. The Technology and Society section builds but does not rely on knowledge gained in prior units—Introduction to Computers, Circuits and Switches, Digital Information, Microprocessors, and The Internet. The online lessons and videos in this unit introduce students to:

  • The idea that various inventions in the past have had a major impact on the way we live
  • The idea that a technology, such as the telephone, can continue to have an impact long after its date of introduction
  • The effect the digital age is having on the way we work and play
  • Moore's law and the accelerating rate of change

Goals and Objectives
Students will learn:

  • That new technology can introduce major changes in the lives of an entire society
  • How a technology such as the telephone can continue to evolve and affect a society
  • The impact of the microprocessor on society is only beginning
  • That digital technology has become an essential part of how we work and play
  • That the rate of change is increasing all around us

Time to Complete Online Lessons: about 40 minutes


  1. Read the background information.
  2. Review and prepare for supplemental lesson ideas and group activities.
  3. Organize materials and equipment:
  • Student computers with an active Internet connection
  • Copies of the student handouts for this unit that you plan to use


  1. Have students complete the online activities.
    Throughout the unit, facilitate the development of new vocabulary introduced in this unit.
  2. Students who are not at the computer can work on supplemental lesson ideas and group activities.
  3. After students complete the online materials, they can:
  • Discuss their answers to questions raised by the online lessons and student handouts
  • Describe in their own words the impact the computer has had on their parents' lives and their own
  • Explain what Moore's Law is and what impact it may be having on the increasing rate of change

Technology and Society

Online Resources

Teachers, view online resources to support and enhance your teaching unit.

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