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The Internet

Instructional Strategies



The Internet

Unit Summary

Learning about the Internet builds on student knowledge gained in the prior units, Introduction to Computers, Circuits and Switches, Digital Information, and Microprocessors. The online lessons and videos in this unit introduce students to:

  • The idea that the Internet is a network of networks linking computers around the world
  • The unique addresses (URLs) that allow one computer to send information to another computer
  • The way information travels in packets on the Internet and is reassembled by the recipient's computer
  • The reasons faster connections, offering more bandwidth, are important for better performance
  • The need to think critically about the quality of the information you receive on the Internet

Goals and Objectives
Students will learn:

  • That the Internet is a network of computer networks
  • Why the World Wide Web is a special part of the Internet and how it popularized the Internet
  • How hypertext links and URLs work
  • How digital information is transported on the Internet
  • Why fast connections improve performance
  • That the quality of information varies greatly on the Web

Time to Complete Online Lessons: about 45 minutes


  1. Read the background information.
  2. Review and prepare for supplemental lesson ideas and group activities.
  3. Organize materials and equipment:

     - Student computers with an active Internet connection
     - Copies of the student handouts for this unit that you plan to use
     - Printouts of the interactive whiteboard images (optional)



  1. Have students complete the online activities:
    Throughout the unit, facilitate the development of new vocabulary introduced in this unit.
  2. Students who are not at the computer can work on supplemental lesson ideas and group activities.
  3. After students complete the online materials, they can:
  • Describe in their own words how information travels on the Internet (Key concept: information can take any number of paths to get from one computer to another)
  • Explain why they should not always trust the information they receive over the Internet, and why?
Instructional Strategies

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