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Lesson 2: Plumbed For Electricity

Circuits and Switches

Lesson 2: Plumbed For Electricity

Is Your House Plumbed For Electricity?

Ever wonder why electricity is always there waiting in the wire for you to use? A good way to understand it is to compare household electricity to household plumbing. Turn a faucet handle and out pours the water. Why? Because there is:

  • A supply of water somewhere
  • A pipe to carry the water
  • A pressure difference between the water supply and your faucet
  • A faucet to turn the water on and off

Compare this to how you get electricity to a lamp. In this case, there is:

  • A power plant to supply moving electrons
  • Wire to conduct the moving electrons
  • More moving electrons at the power plant than in your lamp
  • A switch to turn the current on and off


Lesson 2: Plumbed For Electricity

Using Seeing Reason to Understand Electricity

Use Seeing Reason, an Intel® Education interactive thinking tool, to help students better understand how electricity is generated.