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Make Decisions with Data

Explain with Technology

Make Decisions with Data

Project Overview

This project is about using technology for learning. It helps you develop the skills you need to use technology effectively. You can use these skills for the rest of your life. In this project, you first research a decision about a complex topic that interests you. Then, you collect and analyze data about the decision. Finally, you create and deliver a multimedia presentation to explain your decision to an audience.

In this project:

  • Use critical thinking to define a decision about a complex topic
  • Administer a survey and design a database for the results
  • Use a spreadsheet application to analyze and represent data
  • Deliver an interesting, informative, and entertaining multimedia presentation

Decision Making >

Do you know how to make decisions? Critical thinking can help you make important decisions about complex topics. Critical thinking requires the ability to look at a decision from multiple points of view. Critical thinkers define decisions precisely and gather accurate and reliable information from credible sources. They develop logical alternatives and evaluate possible consequences before they make decisions. Anyone can become an effective decision maker by learning some fundamental skills. Learn how to use critical thinking skills to make important decisions about complex topics.

Data Collection >

How can you evaluate alternative decisions? You developed alternatives by gathering and organizing factual information. Because almost all decisions affect someone, people’s opinions are important data too. You can collect data on opinions by writing and administering a survey. Your data collection may be useful both to you and other researchers and decision makers. A database application is a software program that specializes in storing and managing data for quick and easy retrieval. Learn how to use a database application and become an effective creator and user of databases in school, work, and life.

Data Analysis >

How can you evaluate alternatives and make a choice? By using survey data and a well-designed database, you can analyze data. When you analyze data, you can evaluate alternatives and make a choice for almost any decision. You can also create charts to help you evaluate alternatives and make choices by visualizing relationships among your data. Every visual medium uses charts because charts communicate relationships among data so effectively. Learn how to create forms and queries to manage your survey database. Use a spreadsheet application to conduct and represent your data analysis.

Expository Presentation >

Effective decision makers know hot to define a decision, gather information, develop alternatives, evaluate possibilities, and make choices. You can share your successful decision making with a live audience by creating, preparing, and delivering an expository presentation. You have everything you need to create an interesting and informative presentation. Can you make your presentation entertaining too? You can enhance your presentation with images, audio, and video when you learn how to manage multimedia from the Internet legally and ethically.

Make Decisions with Data