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Newsletter Publication

Think Critically with Data

Newsletter Publication

Big Idea

How can you share what you have learned from your research and analysis with an audience? First, you need to use your critical thinking skills to organize all the information you have gathered. You can use the narrative style of writing to describe your topic and help people understand different opinions. Learn how to use the writing process to tell the best story you can about your topic. Desktop publishing and graphic design can help you reach an audience. A newsletter is a great way to share your research, data, and conclusions with others.

In this module:

  • Learn how to use a graphic organizer to support critical thinking
  • Use narrative nonfiction to draft an article that tells a story about your topic
  • Make the story more engaging and meaningful by revising and editing the article
  • Use a template to publish your article in a newsletter
  • Enhance your newsletter with images and an attractive design


Activity 1: Graphic Organizers >
What have you learned about your topic? You need to organize all of your information and data. Learn how graphic organizers help you arrange information and data into logical ideas or concepts. Create a graphic organizer that shows what you learned about your topic. 

Activity 2: Narrative Nonfiction >
Do you have story to tell about what you learned? Narrative nonfiction tells an engaging and meaningful story about real events. When a nonfictional narrative essay is part of a publication, it is usually called an article. Use your graphic organizer to draft an article about your topic. 

Activity 3: Writing Process >
How can you improve your article? Learn how to look at your writing from a different point of view. Use technology tools to remove any spelling or grammar errors from your essay. Revise and edit your essay to make it as engaging and meaningful as it can possibly be. 

Activity 4: Newsletter Template >
Who would be interested in reading a story about your topic? A newsletter is a great way to communicate information about a topic of interest to a specific audience. Use desktop publishing principles and a newsletter template to produce a quality publication. 

Activity 5: Newsletter Design >
What catches your eye? Graphic design provides the knowledge and skills to produce a publication that looks good and is easy to read. Use the basic principles of graphic design and a few well-chosen images to enhance the visual appeal of your newsletter. 

Look Back >
Reflect on what you learned in this module. Are you ready to share your newsletter with an audience? Use the checklist to make sure your tasks are complete. Use the rubric to assess your newsletter. Talk about what you learned and how you did your work.

Look Back

Checklist: Before you begin, review the checklist for this module. Use the checklist to make sure that you complete all the tasks for each activity. 

See the checklist >

Rubric: Before you begin, review the rubric for this module. Use the rubric to help you understand what is important to know and do. 

See the rubric >