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Look Back

Writing Process: Research, Write, Publish

Look Back

Thinking about Learning

What have you learned in this module? You explored narrative elements. You explored how word processing applications work. You drafted, revised, and edited your narrative essay.



You have learned:

  • How to use character and point of view to bring a story to life for your readers
  • How word processing makes creating complex documents quick and easy
  • How to use plot, setting, and theme to engage your readers in a story
  • How to give your readers the best story you can by revising a narrative essay
  • How to make sure that mechanical errors do not distract your readers from the important parts of a narrative essay

Quizzes: Did you learn the important ideas in this module? These quizzes help you demonstrate what you learned. Your answers are not recorded, and the quizzes are not scored.

Essay Planning Quiz >

Word Processing Quiz >

Essay drafting Quiz >

Essay Revision Quiz >

Essay Editing Quiz >

Reflection: How can you make sure you really understand something? One of the best ways is to explain it to someone else. You might talk to another student, a teacher, or someone in your family.

Look Back

Checklist (doc):

Use the checklist to make sure that you complete all the tasks for each activity. 

Rubric (doc):

Use the rubric to help you understand what is important to know and do.