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Writing Process

Research, Write, Publish

Writing Process

Big Idea

Are you ready to write a narrative essay? A really good story can make writing seem easy. But most good stories are the result of a lot of hard work. Most successful writers work through a process to help them write the best story possible. The best stories are carefully planned, creatively drafted, thoroughly revised, and strictly edited. The writing process can be used for all types of writing in school, work, and life. Learn how to use the writing process to tell the best story you have ever written!

In this module:

  • Learn how to use literary elements to plan your narrative essay
  • Use a word processing application to help you to be a better writer
  • Be as creative as possible in the first draft of your essay
  • Revise your essay to give your audience the very best story you can tell
  • Edit your essay to polish the story and make it ready for an audience

Activity 1: Essay Planning >

Does a blank page cause your mind to go blank? Most successful writers plan the story they want to tell before they begin to write. You can use literary elements to create a clear picture of the story you want to tell. Plan the story you want to tell and answer your interview questions.

Activity 2: Word Processing >

What is a word processing application? You have probably used it many times. Have you ever thought about how it works? Have you ever thought about how documents were created before computers? Knowing how to use a word processing application can help you become a better writer.

Activity 3: Essay Drafting >

Are you ready to write? You have learned about narrative writing, researched your topic, and planned your essay. Now, use what you have learned to draft your narrative essay. A first draft means that you can try anything once! Are you ready to be creative?

Activity 4: Essay Revision >

Congratulations! You have written the first draft of your narrative essay. You were so creative that you have a great story, but could it be better? Revising a narrative is about giving your readers the best story you can write. Can you put yourself in the minds of your readers?

Activity 5: Essay Editing >

Are you ready to share your story with the world? Before you let everyone read your narrative essay, you need to edit. Editing is finding and correcting problems with writing mechanics. You do not want spelling and grammar errors to ruin your great story.

Look Back >

Reflect on what you learned in this module. Are you ready to publish your narrative essay? Use the checklist to make sure your tasks are complete. Use the rubric to assess your narrative essay. Talk about what you learned and how you did your work.

Look Ahead

Checklist: Before you begin, review the checklist for this module. Use the checklist to make sure that you complete all the tasks for each activity.

See the checklist (doc) >

Rubric: Before you begin, review the rubric for this module. Use the rubric to help you understand what is important to know and do.

See the rubric (doc) >