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Online Research

Research, Write, Publish

Online Research

Big Idea

How can you answer the interview questions for your narrative essay? You can probably find most of the information you need on the World Wide Web. Research is about finding the best answers to questions that really matter. The best answers are based on reliable information from credible sources. Good online research skills help you to be successful in school, work, and life. Learn the skills you need to use the Web for research.

In this module:

  • Learn how to find the best answer to a question by doing research
  • Discover how the World Wide Web runs on hypertext and hypermedia
  • Use search strategies to find the information you need to answer questions
  • Evaluate Web sites to find credible sources of reliable information
  • Summarize the information from your sources with an annotated bibliography

Activity 1: Research Basics >
Have you ever asked yourself a question? All research begins with a question, but not all questions lead to research. Doing research means studying a topic carefully. Do you really want to get the best answer to a question? If so, get ready to do some research. 

Activity 2: Web Basics >
Do you know how the World Wide Web works? When you do, the full power of a global information network is at your fingertips. If you want to know how the Web works, you have to understand hypertext and hypermedia. 

Activity 3: Web Search >
Have you ever spent a long time looking for information on the Web without finding it? Many search programs are available to help you find the information you need. Knowing which program to use and how to use it helps you find the most relevant information in the least amount of time. 

Activity 4: Web Evaluation >
Did you know that anyone with a computer and access to the Internet can create a Web site? Many sites have useful information, but some just have a lot of nonsense. Can you tell the difference? You can if you know how to evaluate a Web site. 

Activity 5: Annotated Bibliography >
After you find some good sources, what do you do with all the information? You need to get organized. An annotated bibliography lists all your sources with a summary of the information from each source. Writing the summaries is an effective way to organize your information. 

Look Back >
Reflect on what you learned in this module. Are you ready to write your narrative essay? Use the checklist to make sure your tasks are complete. Use the rubric to assess your research and annotated bibliography. Talk about what you learned and how you did your work.

Look Ahead

Checklist: Begore you begin, review the checklist for this module. Use the checklist to make sure that you complete all the tasks for each activity.

See the checklist (doc)

Rubric: Before you begin, review the rubric for this module. Use the rubric to help you understand what is important to know and do.

See the rubric (doc) >