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Desktop Publishing

Research, Write, Publish

Desktop Publishing

Big Idea

How can you share what you learn with an audience? You worked hard to research your topic and tell an interesting and meaningful story. Desktop publishing provides technology tools that make sharing knowledge with an audience possible for everyone. Many successful writers know how to use technology tools to publish their work. Who might be interested in reading your narrative essay? Learn how to find your audience and publish your writing for them.

In this module:

  • Use technology tools to prepare your narrative essay for publication
  • Create a brochure to share your narrative essay with an audience
  • Find images to enhance your brochure with visual information
  • Be a responsible publisher and observe copyright laws
  • Use graphic design principles to create an eye-catching brochure  

Activity 1: Publishing Tools >
Are you ready to become a published author? Desktop publishing allows everyone who can use a few simple technology tools to share knowledge with an audience. Learn to use technology tools to prepare your narrative essay for publication. 

Activity 2: Brochure Template >
Who would be interested in reading your narrative essay? A brochure is a great way to publish a short written work for a specific audience. A template can help you produce a quality brochure quickly and easily. Use a template to publish your narrative essay in a brochure. 

Activity 3: Image Search >
Have you heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Images can communicate a lot of information very quickly. They also add color and visual appeal to a publication. Find images that enhance the publication of your narrative essay. 

Activity 4: Copyright and Fair Use >
Can you use any image you find on the Internet in your publication? Copyright laws protect the rights of people who create original work. The laws also give you some rights to limited use of copyrighted images. Observe copyright laws when you use images in your publication. 

Activity 5: Graphic Design >
When you go to the library, how do you choose what to read? Your first impression of any publication is based on how it looks. Graphic design provides the knowledge and skills to produce a publication that looks good and is easy to read. 

Look Back >
Reflect on what you learned in this module. Use the checklist to make sure your tasks are complete. Use the rubric to assess your brochure. Talk about what you learned and how you did your work.

Look Ahead

Checklist: Before you begin, review the checklist for this module. Use the checklist to make sure that you complete all the tasks for each activity.

See the checklist (doc) >

Before you begin, review the rubric for this module. Use the rubric to help you understand what is important to know and do.

See the rubric (doc) >