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Research, Write, Publish

Describe with Technology

Research, Write, Publish

Project Overview

How much do you know about technology? Technology is all around us. It provides powerful tools for writing and research. We use it to share our knowledge with others. What you know about technology is important. What you can do with technology is even more important!

The Research, Write, Publish project is about using technology for learning. It helps you develop the skills you need to use technology effectively. You can use these skills for the rest of your life. In this project, first you learn about a topic that interests you. Then, you write a narrative essay about the topic. Finally, you publish your narrative essay.

In this project:

  • Use literary elements in the narrative writing style
  • Use the Internet to research an important topic
  • Use the writing process to tell a story about your topic
  • Use desktop publishing to share your story with an audience

Narrative Writing >
The narrative writing style involves telling an interesting and meaningful story. A well-written narrative essay makes a story come alive. Readers can visualize what happens in the story as they read the essay. What is the secret to writing a good narrative? Writing a good narrative has no secrets! Learn to use literary elements, and you can write a narrative essay that tells an interesting and meaningful story.

Online Research >
Do you ever have a need to know? No matter what we do in life, we always encounter questions. Research is finding the best answers to questions that really matter. You can find a lot of information on the Internet, but is it reliable information from credible sources? Good online research skills help you to be successful in school, work, and life. Learn the skills you need to use the World Wide Web for research.

Writing Process >
Are you ready to write a narrative essay? Most successful writers work through a process to help them write the best story possible. The best stories are carefully planned, creatively drafted, thoroughly revised, and strictly edited. The writing process can be used for all types of writing in school, work, and life. Learn how to use the process to tell the best story you have ever written!

Desktop Publishing >
How can you share what you learn with an audience? You worked hard to research your topic and tell an interesting and meaningful story. Desktop publishing provides technology tools that make sharing knowledge with an audience possible for everyone. Many successful writers know how to use technology tools to publish their work. Learn how to determine your audience and publish your narrative essay for them.

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