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Describe with Technology

Narrative Writing and Critical Thinking

Description is the first step toward understanding. Describe with Technology creates opportunities to engage students in learning with technology in any subject. They research complex topics, write narrative essays describing their topics, and produce publications based on their narratives. Describe with Technology increases technology literacy and cultivates responsible digital citizenship as students learn the power of description.

Describe with Technology includes two projects designed to support sustained inquiry into big ideas in the core curriculum. Research, Write, Publish enhances creativity and develops research and communication skills. Think Critically with Data encourages collaboration and critical thinking while improving data analysis skills. Students may explore the projects independently, but most students benefit more when they are guided by teachers and supported by parents.

Research, Write, Publish

Research, Write, Publish ›
Students research complex topics and write fictional narratives about real events from the point of view of an imagined character. Then, students identify interested audiences for whom they design and publish brochures based on their fictional narratives.

Think Critically with Data

Think Critically with Data ›
Students research complex topics before collecting and analyzing opinion data on their topics. Then, students write nonfictional narratives reporting on different points of view as objective observers and publish their narratives in newsletters.

Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide ›
Teachers plan innovative learning experiences in which students acquire technology literacy while exploring big ideas in the core curriculum. Teachers use research-based instructional strategies to facilitate student research, narrative writing, critical thinking, and publication.

Parent Guide

Parent Guide ›
Parents become familiar with the research, narrative writing, critical thinking, and publication skills that students learn in school. Parents encourage technology literacy by providing opportunities for students to share their learning and apply their new skills at home and in community.

Describe with Technology

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Quote to Note

“A computer does not substitute for judgment any more than a pencil substitutes for literacy. But writing without a pencil is no particular advantage.”

Robert S. McNamara