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Designing Effective Projects

Project-Based Units to Engage Students

Teachers have always used each other for good ideas to improve their instruction. The Designing Effective Projects resource includes a collection of exemplary Unit Plans that integrate technology into classroom projects. Most of the units were developed by teachers participating in the Intel® Teach professional development program. The program emphasizes curriculum development that aligns to standards and promotes higher-order thinking using Curriculum-Framing Questions, authentic project tasks, effective instructional strategies, and performance assessment. Designing Effective Projects provides a foundation for good planning and supports you in adapting these project-based units or developing your own from scratch.

Project Design

Project Design ›
Learn about effective use of project approaches across the curriculum and grades. Follow planning guidelines to help you target standards and assess student products and performances.

Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills ›
Review what current research says about higher-order thinking and what this look like in elementary and secondary classrooms.

Unit Plan Index

Unit Plan Index ›
Examine technology-rich Unit Plans you can use right away, or as models for your own planning.

Instructional Strategies

Instructional Strategies ›
Learn about adapting several "ideas worth borrowing" to engage students and meet your instructional aims.

Designing Effective Projects

Intel® Teach Elements: Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms

Take an in-depth look at assessment that meets the needs of 21st century teaching and learning. Learn to plan, develop, and manage student-centered assessment.

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