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Powerful Opportunities, Powerful Results

Mobile learning is about power—the power of technology to connect for enriched learning. With mobile devices, students can learn around the clock with access to experts, original sources, state of the art tools, and ways to express and publish ideas to peers and beyond. While the concept of personalized learning has existed since well before the Millennium in ideas such as “21st Century Learning,” the growing presence of mobile devices and their educational potential may now force a change in our concept of learning environments and curricula that finally allows us to realize the vision. You can examine this transformation through two lenses: Improving outcomes for all learners and What we know.

Why these two lenses?

  • Experience shows that mobile technology is uniquely positioned to facilitate creativity and personalized learning in the classroom.
  • Research shows us that personalized learning can improve student performance in ways that traditional practices may not, particularly by breaking down traditional barriers to student achievement, many of which are heightened by socioeconomic inequality.
  • The device and connectivity-driven nature of mobile teaching and learning require assurances that all students have equal access to participation.
  • While mobile teaching and learning environments require devices and connectivity, the focus is on teacher practice and student learning. New technologies are available every year, but the research transcends the devices and provides ongoing implications for practice, as well as continuing validation for the promise of personalized learning.
Improving Outcomes for All Learners

Improving Outcomes for All Learners >
Examine how mobile learning expands the meaning of all in improving outcomes for all learners.

What We Know

What We Know >
Know the research and use measurement to tune your practices in mobile learning.

Mobile Learning

Explore on Your Own

Review information and resources, and tools to help you reach all learners as you go mobile.


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What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning steps beyond differentiation and individualized learning by focusing first on the student and not on their needs or place within a larger group of learners. This focus increases each student’s ownership of their learning.

Bray and McClaskey summarize differences between these three methods of responding to student needs in the table below.


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