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Mobile Scenarios for K12 App

Mobile Scenarios for K12 App

Mobile learning tools open up a wide world of teaching and learning possibilities. The Mobile Scenarios for K12 app empowers you to take the first step.  Select and read detailed stories spanning grade levels and subject areas that will inspire you with ideas and specific tools to integrate technology into your classroom to  improve teaching and learning.

Even after the bell rings your teaching day continues... you may not be actively planning lessons and assessing student work, but you are frequently reflecting on practice and brainstorming new ideas. The Mobile Scenarios for K12 app provides a bank of ideas organized in six categories you can access immediately, from the convenience of your mobile devices.

  • Assessing Learning
  • Communicating and Collaborating
  • Dealing with Data
  • Document and Media Creation
  • Learning Independently
  • Real World Resources

After selecting a category, you browse the list of scenarios by title. Or, you can sort scenarios by grade level, subject area, or tool type with a single touch. Download and enjoy your “virtual colleague” for ideas and examples:

Mobile Scenarios for Android*

Mobile Scenarios for iOS*




Mobile Learning

Share Your Story

See yourself in the Mobile Scenarios app! Write and submit your mobile learning experience and be entered in a drawing for a Samsung Tablet and keyboard! Top scorers will have their scenarios included in the Mobile Scenarios for K12 app.

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