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Help Guide: Learning Windows* 8 App

Help Guide: Learning Windows* 8 and 8.1 Apps

The all new touch-enabled Windows operating system is loaded with useful features. Tap, zoom, and swipe your way to things both familiar and functional. Multi-taskers be warned, Windows* 8 might frustrate, before it fascinates! Get help with Windows* 8 or 8.1 in a convenient and free app designed to leap you past the discomfort and into delight.

Great for educators and students, this app can help you find time-tested friends like the Desktop, charms, live tiles, and an option to power down to get you through airport security and onto your destination. You will learn about the new Start screen and moving to the desktop, using the Task Manager, strategies for News and Finance apps in the classroom, file management with SkyDrive*, Password protection and Productivity tools, and much, much more!

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Visual Ranking App Logo

Visual Ranking App

The Visual Ranking App supports student use of the popular Visual Ranking Tool, anytime and anywhere.  The tool helps students identify and refine criteria as they assign rankings to a list of items. Higher-level thinking skills of analysis and evaluation are put to use as students explain their reasoning and compare their work with one another. This tool help students prioritize an organize ideas, debate differences, and reach a consensus. The Visual Ranking Tool and related resources are available for free, from any computer with an Internet connection.

Teachers register and set up Visual Ranking projects in their own workspace at the web site. Teachers assign students a team name and log in when they create projects.  Students may start their project work using computers in school and then use the app to continue their work away from the classroom and on the go.

Let's Assess App Logo

Let's Assess App

The Let's Assess App provides teachers and students with mobile assessment using assessments created in the Assessing Projects online resource. With the app, teachers can conduct assessments on the go and push the assessment tools out to students for peer and self-assessment. Parents can use the app to review student assessment of project work.

New Apps in Development

Shake and Teach is a dynamic idea generator for teachers and students. It is ideal for project starters, review of prior learning, or performance assessment activities.  Instead of the "just write about it" inertia, teachers will just be a shake away from thousands of activities which prompt engagement by students. When shaken (or clicked) the app generates unique learning challenges from a possible 50,000 variations.   The activities generated by each shake follow the grammar of Do <subject> As <an activity or product>. For example, "Do growing plants from seed as a group doodle on a large sheet of paper." Or “Do the Bill of Rights as a rap chant or poem.”

Mobile Learning

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Technology Toolbox

Strategies for selecting appropriate tools for mobile learning.


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