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Intel® Teach U.S.—Proven Results

Powering up teachers for the promise of digital learning

Our Record of Achievement

Intel is committed to rigorous, ongoing evaluation of the Intel® Teach Program. Regular evaluation allows us to improve and refine our development efforts, and also creates a strong body of evidence that leaders and educators can use to gain support for the program.

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Jump-starting 21st century learning

Teachers are the professionals who bring a school district’s vision of 21st century learning to life. Studies show that the quality of a teacher is the single largest influence on student achievement, and that the success of any educational change depends on a teacher’s effectiveness in redesigning curricula, instruction, and assessments. The Intel Teach program has been designed with these principles in mind.

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“They truly became 21st century learners, with the skill and confidence they needed to teach themselves—and then teach me."

—Jude Kesl, Intel Teach Master Teacher, Wisconsin


“Intel has inspired this ‘old-school’ first-grade teacher to become updated with 21st century skills!”

—Susan Monday, Intel Teach Master Teacher, Alabama

Intel® Teach Program U.S.