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Transforming Education for a World of Opportunity

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Transforming Education for a World of Opportunity

Preparing Students for a 21st Century Innovation Economy

A vibrant economy sustained by accessible education, a skilled workforce, and innovation is a goal shared by countries around the world. Intel is helping to successfully turn this goal into reality, touching millions of lives.

Through research and more than a decade of hands-on experience partnering with governments, NGOs, multi-laterals, and educators around the world, Intel has developed a comprehensive model for effective education transformation. The Intel education transformation model emphasizes a holistic approach that includes five major components—Policy Reform, Curriculum & Assessment, Teacher Professional Development, Information Communications Technology, and Research & Evaluation—all critical factors for achieving educational improvement. This model enables a country to implement systemic education transformation efforts to ensure that the selected programs and technology solutions best serve the country’s objectives. For more information on Intel’s education transformation model, see www.intel.com/education.

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