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Design and Discovery is a comprehensive inquiry-based curriculum, which introduces students ages 11-15 to engineering through design. The curriculum is organized into six sections which are further divided into 18 sessions. Each session is 2.5 hours and includes two to four 20–90 minute hands-on activities.

Each activity includes a facilitator instruction page and a student handout with directions for students. Many activities also include a student reading. Some sessions include a Home Improvement activity, which should be completed at home with input from family members. Key Concepts provide supporting information for the facilitator on new concepts introduced in sessions 1-12. 

Facilitator Guide

The Facilitator Guide includes all of the facilitator instructions and student activities of the curriculum. The guide can be downloaded and printed by section or by the complete curriculum below. Design and Discovery may be reproduced multiple times. 

Understanding the Design Process >
In the first two sessions, students are introduced to the designed world through a shared experience and then practice the 10-step design process that is revisited throughout the curriculum.

Engineering Fundamentals >
These four sessions provide background in materials, electrical, and mechanical engineering principles that students may want to incorporate in their designs.

Thinking Creatively >
In these three sessions, students identify interesting and personally meaningful problems and develop ideas for solutions. 

Making, Modeling, and Materializing >
Throughout these three hands-on working sessions, students turn their thinking into things and begin several cycles of building trials and testing their ideas.

Prototyping >
In these three sessions, students refine their projects into working prototypes.

Final Presentations >
Design and Discovery culminates with students sharing their projects. In the final two sessions, students plan for and participate in an event to showcase their projects and get feedback.

Complete Facilitator Guide

Student Guide
The Student Guide contains all the Design and Discovery student handouts and readings. It may be reproduced multiple times. The Student Guide should be printed and a copy distributed to each student. It is recommended that students write in their design notebooks and not on the Student Guide.

Complete Student Guide

Supply List
The Supply List is a comprehensive list of all supplies for all activities in the Design and Discovery curriculum. The Supply List may be printed to help with shopping and gathering supplies. The Microsoft Excel* downloadable supply list is divided into three worksheets. The first worksheet lists non-consumable items, supplies that are reusable. The second worksheet lists consumable items, supplies that are not reusable after use. Both lists provide information about the activity, details about the item, price, and store information. The last three columns, “already have,” “bring from home, “ and “purchased,” are meant to be completed by the facilitator. The lists may be combined and sorted differently. The third worksheet is a list of all supplies organized by session (1 through 18) and activity (A through D).