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Design and Discovery

Experiencing Engineering Through Design

Looking for a way to build interest in engineering? Design and Discovery is an academic enrichment curriculum that engages students in hands-on engineering and design activities that enhance knowledge, and problem solving skill in the areas of science and engineering. Design and Discovery is most appropriate for informal education settings with extended blocks of time for hands-on activities.

title overview

Overview and Benefits ›
Design and Discovery is a free curriculum for students ages 11-15. The inquiry-based curriculum offers an interdisciplinary approach to engineering through design. Learn more about the benefits of Design and Discovery and its impact on students.

title curriculum

Curriculum ›
Design and Discovery includes the free, printable curriculum manuals for students and facilitators. In 18 sequential sessions of two to four hands-on activities each, students follow the design process, from identifying a design opportunity to developing a working prototype. 

program examples

Implementation Examples ›
Design and Discovery can be implemented in a variety of settings—as an after-school club, a summer enrichment program, or as part of a science curriculum. See how Design and Discovery has been successfully adapted for different settings. Also, view student project examples to inspire your students.

title Strategies

Implementation Strategies ›
Mentors, field trips, and schedules are just a few of the considerations when implementing Design and Discovery. Review detailed information for planning your own program, facilitating your program, and engaging students in science and engineering fairs.

Design and Discovery

"From the point of view of modern science, design is nothing, but from the point of view of engineering, design is everything."

Edwin T. Layton, Jr.