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Using the Assessing Projects application

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Learning the Tool

There are two ways to learn about Assessing Projects and its features: a demonstration workspace for practicing with the tool and a tutorial that takes you through the main features.

Demo >
To get started with the tool, use the demo to explore the Assessment Library and examine checklists and rubrics on Common Core State Standards, thinking skills, processes, products, and performances. You can export assessments to your computer from the demo; however, to use all the features of the tool, such as editing assessments and assigning them to students, you must create an account and sign into your Teacher Workspace.

Tutorial >
Review the process for using Assessing Projects.

  1. Navigate Assessing Projects
  2. Browse and Search Assessment Library
  3. Modify and Create Assessments
  4. Manage Personal Library
  5. Set Up a New Project
  6. Complete and Review Assessments
  7. Let’s Assess Mobile App

You will also learn more about Let’s Assess, a mobile app to accompany Assessing Projects.

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Assessing Projects Quick Guide

Download a step-by-step guide that shows the key features of Assessing Projects.

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Need Additional Help?

Use the Intel® Education Help Guide for instructions on using Assessing Projects.