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Transforming Education: Creating Classrooms Where Students Connect

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Transforming Education: Creating Classrooms Where Students Connect

Intel helps schools roll out innovative technology to engage young minds Innovation is moving at a dramatic pace, and that will only continue in the coming years. The jobs of tomorrow must address the challenges of the 21st century—making solar energy economical, advancing health informatics, and engineering the tools of scientific discovery, to name just a few. To prepare for success in the new knowledge-based economy, today’s students need to develop proficiency in math and science, critical thinking, communication, and innovation. Intel has contributed over $1 billion to a wide array of education initiatives throughout the world because advancing education is a driving passion within the company. Intel’s education transformation model helps governments around the globe—from Kenya, to Italy, to the United States—improve the quality of their education systems, leading to economic and social opportunities for its citizens.

The model combines advocacy for policy reform, curriculum standards and assessment, sustained professional development, information and communications technology, and support of research and evaluation. We collaborate with governments, policy makers, and local vendors to implement eLearning solutions based on the education transformation model. Intel is uniquely positioned to help countries excel in global economies due to the breadth of its technology, education programs, and partnerships. Because Intel has been improving education for more than ten years, the company’s dedicated team has a keen sense of what works—and what does not. As a result, Intel is able to help governments greatly improve education policy and create effective programs that open an exciting new universe of learning to millions of school kids.

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