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The Right Fit: 21st Century School Technology - Education Brief

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The Right Fit: 21st Century School Technology - Education Brief

Intel puts together a constellation of the latest technology, pedagogy, and rich, interactive content, offering schools a computing model that will help them make good decisions now and plan wisely for a cost-effective future. This model combines the best of both worlds—giving more control to IT and delivering enhanced, effective 21st century education. Because the Intel® Dynamic Virtual Client (DVC) Model supports excellence in educational practice, it offers a sustainable win-win for policymakers, principals, IT managers, educators, and students.

Finding the right solution for today’s schools and tomorrow’s technology landscape

Technology is now an integral part of most school systems. In K–12 schools from urban centers to rural communities, teaching and learning computing platforms are being used by teachers and students. Servers and networks support not only administrative services, but an enhanced education experience. Administrators, IT managers, teachers, and students find themselves in a constant process of adaptation and discovery—balancing new learning paradigms, operational and management costs, and myriad devices. Security compliance adds another layer of complexity for IT managers meeting stringent demands.

With the number of school computing systems increasing and 1-to-1 eLearning (where each and every student and teacher has a dedicated mobile platform) proliferating, schools are starting to feel more like businesses in the complexity of their technology requirements. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents expect to use school-owned equipment at home or on the go, and access school applications on their own devices and computers. School IT managers are trying to support non-stop learning—from classroom activities to digital homework—through technology inside and outside school.

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