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Client-Aware Cloud Enhances One-to-One Learning

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Intel and Stoneware cloud solutions enable schools to meet content and IT requirements, enriching one to one learning experiences.

1:1 eLearning has powerful benefits, enhancing learning and skill development from critical thinking to collaboration. But in the age of “bring your own device,” 1:1 often means that students are likely to access learning resources using their own individual devices inside and outside the classroom. This multi-device environment poses challenges—as educators need to ensure that all students are receiving a consistent learning experience, no matter what device they’re using, and IT must meet stringent security requirements, such as protecting student data, assessment, and controlled Web access. Intel and Stoneware deliver solutions that address these top-of-mind challenges for schools, in a scalable and secure infrastructure.

In this brief, you’ll learn about Intel and Stoneware cloud solutions that are allowing school IT to serve the right content for a consistent and compelling learning environment, while meeting IT requirements.

The Cloud challenge
Many schools and districts are taking a close look at the advantages and risks of cloud. Cloud solutions can bring significant benefits to classroom environments, while simplifying management and software licensing for IT. Teachers and students can access a wide range of digital content and services via cloud—from digital textbooks, labs, and online classes to assessment and creation tools—to support collaborative learning across devices. But cloud can also raise security and manageability concerns. And getting the most out of a cloud solution can require reexamining capital and operational budgets—for example, focusing budget on upgrading the network and infrastructure, while extending the lifecycle for clients.