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Preparing Students for the 21st Century

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Preparing Students for the 21st Century

Getting PCs into the hands of students and teachers is an important step in elevating classroom learning. Truly capturing a student’s imagination, however, requires not simply a new device, but a complete solution. Intel works with the top software vendors and digital content providers to give students access to interactive software and digital content that makes classroom subjects come alive. Digital content can be personalized to each student’s learning style—whether they learn best using text, video, audio, or pictures—offering all the tools they need to create, show, and collaborate.

Classroom Learning: The Digital Advantage
Today, textbook content can be outdated by the time the books reach the classroom. A digital learning environment, on the other hand, is dynamic and can be updated when there are new scientific breakthroughs and as other current events develop.

Digital learning is:
• Engaging, offering an array of interactive media and learning experiences.
• Flexible and adaptable, allowing students to learn based on their favored modality, and at their own pace.
• Customizable, allowing teachers and administrators to select and modify content as they wish.
• Expansive, giving students access to outside resources, as well as experts and mentors who can support their learning.

Meeting Schools Where They Are
Intel recognizes that some schools are just beginning to incorporate technology into classrooms, while others are further along in the process. Regardless of where they are on the continuum, Intel can help craft a powerful solution.

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