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Intel Education: Transforming Education for a World of Opportunity

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Intel Education: Transforming Education for a World of Opportunity

Brochure: A vibrant economy sustained by quality education, a skilled workforce, and innovation is a goal shared by countries around the world. Intel is helping to successfully turn this goal into reality, touching millions of lives. These efforts are helping to sustain local communities and economies, while preparing the next generation for success.

Intel’s model for education transformation combines advocacy for policy reform, curriculum standards and assessment, sustained professional development, information and communications technology, and support of research and evaluation. We collaborate with governments, policy makers, and local vendors to make this model viable worldwide. Intel is uniquely positioned by the breadth of its technologies, education programs, ecosystem partnerships, and commitment—with over $1 billion invested in education in the last 10 years—to help countries, educators, communities, and children excel in global economies.

With over 200 programs in over 70 countries, Intel works with governments, development agencies, multilateral organizations, and nonprofits to advocate for education excellence. Our programs provide professional development to teachers; support student achievement in science, engineering, and mathematics; enable access to relevant, localized digital content; and more.

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