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edIT: It's Time to Change the Story on Education Infrastructure

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edIT: It's Time to Change the Story on Education Infrastructure

Sir Winston Churchill delivered a speech in September of 1943 at Harvard University during which he said, “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” No doubt, in the midst of World War II, his audience understood the concept of military and industrial empire building and what it took to be successful. It is equally important for us to understand what it takes to build those empires of the mind be-cause today’s global competition for power and wealth has become a competition of human knowledge, particularly in the realm of scientific and technological progress.

While nations position themselves to compete, individual students are bringing a new generation’s interest in collaboration and cooperation to their educational activities. Supported by an explosion of social networking tools, students prefer to work together, explore together and learn together in a manner unlike any other time.

This rise of global competition in a knowledge-based economy and student preference for collaboration demands an educational transformation that supports the development of 21st-century skills.

Experience shows that those skills are best taught in eLearning environments that include the effective integration of information communication technology (ICf). As we look to the future, the Software and Information Industry Association’s Vision K-20 initiative for education calls upon institutions to use technology and eLearning to increase student engagement and achievement; provide equity and access to new learning opportunities; document and track student performance; empower collaborative learning communities; maximize teaching and administrative effectiveness; and build proficiencies in 21st-century skills.

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