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A True 21st Century Learning Environment, Pt. 3

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A True 21st Century Learning Environment, Pt. 3

White Paper Education Auburn, Alabama, USA

The 21st Century Learning Initiative at Auburn City Schools: Part 3 - Evaluating change: results and looking forward

One of the nation’s outstanding school systems, Auburn City Schools (ACS), has undertaken a two-year pilot of one-to-one mobile computing. Under the district’s 21st Century Learning Initiative, Auburn Junior High (AJH) and Auburn High School (AHS) are wirelessly networked, and over 1,000 ninth- and tenth-graders use personal laptop computers. Teachers at the two schools have spent hundreds of hours in individual, departmental, and large-group professional development (PD) to advance their ability to incorporate technology effectively across the curriculum.

The initiative is part of transformative efforts across the district to increase use of technology for effective 21st century learning. All teachers undergo extensive, ongoing professional development on how best to incorporate technology into their teaching. Every school has a full-time, certified teacher dedicated to providing instructional technology coaching for teachers. Each K-9 classroom has Internet access, several computers, and an interactive whiteboard. Midway through the pilot, an Intel communications team interviewed more than two dozen students, teachers, school media and technology specialists, administrators and school board members from Auburn City Schools, as well as vendor representatives and Auburn University faculty. Our report follows the framework of Blueprint Solutions for K-12 One-to-One Computing Initiatives and is published in three parts. Please refer to www.k12blueprint.com for Part 1, Preparing for Change, which provides an overview of the initiative and addresses policy, leadership and funding issues; and Part 2, Enacting Change, which discusses infrastructure, professional development, and curriculum. The following discussion focuses on the results of the initiative, as well as the district’s future plans.

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