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Evaluations—Intel® Learn Program

Demonstrating evidence of impact


Intel® Learn Program helps open doors for youth

Intel® Learn Program Helps Open Doors for Youth

Young people in underserved communities around the world learn to develop skills and make connections that enrich their lives and prepare them to succeed in our knowledge-based economy.

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The research methodology context

The Research Methodology Context

The global evaluation of Intel Learn includes a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures designed and administered by the research agency SRI International. The primary indicators of program impact on children can be grouped into three categories: increasing use of technology, higher-order thinking skills, and collaboration.

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Intel in Education—Evaluations

Intel Learn Program Evaluations





Report: Intel Aprender Chile Case Study Report (PDF, 230 KB)
A review of findings from site visits in communities throughout Chile to collect data regarding the ways in which the Intel Learn Program has been used and the types of community impacts it has had.

Intel® Learn Program


SRI International/Center for Technology in Learning


August 2010


Report: Comprehensive Evaluation Findings for the Intel® Learn Program (PDF, 2013 KB)
Review of evaluation findings from the inception of this innovative program in late 2003 through the end of 2006. The report highlights the significant and often powerful impact of the program on students' technical and collaboration skills. It includes an overview of the Intel Learn Program curriculum and implementation strategy. Plus, it contains a description of the data collection and analysis methods, as well as a report on staff and learner outcomes.

Intel Learn Program


SRI International/Center for Technology in Learning

August 2007


Report: Evaluation Summary: Intel® Teach and Intel® Learn Program (PDF, 221 KB)
Evaluation results suggest these programs hold the potential to transform learning environments, enhance teacher capacity to use student-centered pedagogical practices, and use ICT in pedagogically appropriate ways.

Intel Learn Program and Intel Teach Program


EDC/CCT and SRI International

 June 2007


Report: Review of Evaluation Findings for the Intel® Learn Program (PDF, 89 KB)
Presents results from a two-year impact study on the Intel Learn Program involving quantitative measures (such as attendance figures and survey responses), qualitative observations, interviews, focus groups, and reviews of a large sampling of student work.

Intel Learn Program


 SRI International


April 2006