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Education Transformation: Professional Development

Building skills for 21st century education leaders

Professional development and teacher readiness are critical success factors for education reform and transformation. That’s why Intel provides inspiration, training, tools, and ongoing support for educators worldwide. Using proven methods and lessons learned, today’s teachers can transition to modern, student-centered learning environments that:

  • Engage students with digital learning
  • Integrate technology into all aspects of the curriculum
  • Build 21st century skills, such as creativity, technology literacy, and self-directed learning


A five-pronged approach

A five-pronged approach

Many education policymakers are finding success with a systematic approach to enhance teacher effectiveness. This approach centers on key recommendations for advancing education systems.

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Equipping teachers to transform teaching

Equipping teachers to transform teaching

Discover proven professional teacher development for 21st century skills. Intel® Teach is the most successful program of its kind, helping elevate K–12 education worldwide by giving teachers the tools they need.

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Understanding core K–8 math concepts

Understanding core K–8 math concepts

K–8 teachers who teach math can deepen their understanding of math through the 80-hour Intel® Math professional development course, which helps build teaching skills through problem solving.

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We’re here to help

Intel education experts are available to provide guidance for your organization’s education implementation plan.  Ask an expert >

Professional Development: New Teaching Tools and Approaches