Education Transformation


A Holistic Model for Success

At Intel, we've invested over $1 billion to improve teaching and learning environments in more than 70 countries over the last decade. Through our systematic approach to student success, we deliver fresh insights, unique programs, and holistic solutions to help educators, government officials, IT professionals, and other leaders inspire excellence in students.

Essential components of education transformation

Professional Development

Professional development and teacher readiness are critical success factors for education reform and transformation. That's why Intel provides inspiration, training, tools, and ongoing support for educators worldwide. Using proven methods and lessons learned, today's teachers can transition to modern, student-centered learning environments that:

  • Engage students with digital learning
  • Integrate technology into all aspects of the curriculum
  • Build twenty-first century skills, such as creativity, technology literacy, and self-directed learning

Resources: Professional Development

Empowering educators
Transforming Education—
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New teaching approaches: Mobile Learning
New Teaching Approaches:
Mobile Learning
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Project RED - Revolutionizing Education
A Toolkit for Education Transformation
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Intel® Teach Program
Intel® Teach Program
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Enhance Problem Solving with Intel® Math Professional Development Course
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New Teaching Tools: Learning Management Systems
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