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Michigan Accelerates Education Data Analysis with Intel® SSDs

Department of Education boosts analytics

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Michigan Accelerates Education Data Analysis with Intel® SSDs

The State of Michigan helps speed educational data analysis by up to 60 percent while achieving an eight-month return on investment

The Michigan Department of Education works with the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) to analyze a wide range of data from the state’s K–12 schools. The goal is to generate new insights that can help boost academic performance, improve planning and budgeting, optimize the utilization of assets, and more. To accommodate the growing use of analytics from a variety of users, CEPI needed a way to provide large-capacity temporary disk space for workload processing while conserving its storage area network (SAN) resources. A pilot program showed that installing Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs) in analytics servers could significantly improve query performance and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI).

• Accommodate more analytics and larger queries. Support the increasing use of analytics at the Department of Education by providing sufficient temporary disk storage space for more, larger queries and analytics workloads.
• Reduce the time to new insights. Accelerate query results and generate new insights rapidly.
• Control IT costs. Meet the storage requirements of the analytics application without having to use costly SAN resources.

• Intel SSDs. The CEPI team ran a pilot program that used the Intel® SSD 910 Series within Intel® Xeon® processor–based servers as temporary disk storage.

Technology Results
• Improved performance up to 60 percent. Tests showed that Intel SSDs significantly reduced processing time for some analytics workloads compared with the using the SAN. The larger the query, the better the performance increase.

Business Value
• Anticipating an eight-month return on investment. CEPI can achieve an ROI in just eight months by using Intel SSDs while conserving SAN capacity for other functions.
• Gaines greater capacity for analytics. CEPI can better accommodate the growing use of analytics by a wide range of users.

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