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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair:
Student Profiles

From great young minds come innovative solutions

When 1,600 of the world’s best and brightest high school students turn their attention to scientific issues of the day, problems get solved.

At this year’s Intel ISEF, finalists explored everything from quantum theory and the nature of sub-atomic particles to the mysteries and mathematical underpinnings of the universe. Projects included potential treatments and cures for medical diseases, research on alternative fuels and environmental preservation, and the creation of gizmos and gadgets that simply enhance people’s day-to-day experiences.

Though the projects are incredibly diverse, one constant runs throughout. Each of these efforts has been inspired by curiosity, shaped through intellect, and driven with a passion for discovery.

Take a look at some of the innovations presented at Intel ISEF 2013 and be inspired.

Get Into the Minds of Young Innovators at Intel ISEF

Earth-Friendly Biofuel

Intel ISEF finalist Evie Sobczak creates viable algae biofuel without using chemicals in processing.

How innovative ideas are born: Harnessing the power of the sun

Smart Robotics

Intel ISEF finalist Easton LaChapelle develops a sophisticated, low-cost prosthetic for amputees.

bee knees

Bees Knees

Michaela Fiore examines the effect of essential oils on the viral load of the European honeybee.

The Question of a Yellow Banana

The Question of a Yellow Banana

India's Ishani Goomer and Bhargava Khanak develop a test strip to determine whether fruit has been naturally or artificially ripened.

 Kicking Cancer Before It Starts

Kicking Cancer Before It Starts

Keven Stonewall's research focuses on the potential of a vaccine to prevent colon cancer.

The Gun Lock for the 21st Century

The Gun Lock for the 21st Century

Kai Kloepfer combines mechanical and electrical engineering to create a fingerprint lock for firearms.

CF’s Slime Fighter

CF’s Slime Fighter

Jenna Hartley discovers an herbal remedy to take on Pseudomonas A. bacteria in the cystic fibrosis lung.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair